Saturday, 1 June 2013

6 Human Needs

There are six needs that we as individuals have. The most fulfilled people are meeting as many as possible, especially the needs of the spirit.

Needs of Personality:
·         Certainty
o   Being assured that particular things will happen. For example, we can be certain that the sun will come up day after day. These are things that we don’t wonder if they will happen, we just know they will. We don’t need to worry whether they will or not.
·         Uncertainty
o   There are other things in life that we are glad are not certain. If we all knew who we were going to marry, or when we were going to die, we would be constantly trying to change things to make them happen sooner, later, or differently. If these things that are meant to be uncertain in our lives became certainties, we would have even more stress added on top of what is already there.
·         Significance
o   Knowing that we are fulfilling an important place in this world and in other people’s lives brings us a sense of satisfaction. People who feel insignificant often become sad, depressed and lonely.
·         Love/connection
o   Loving and feeling loved is vital. It is known that babies who are nurtured and cuddled and are closely connected with their mothers are healthy and thriving. This does not change as we grow older. Our relationships change, we make friends, we fall in love. The more we love and are loved, and connect with others, the happier and more fulfilled we generally are.

Needs of the Spirit:
·         Growth
o   If we did not grow and expand our lives, we would have no sense of achievement. We would not change; we would not learn new things. Our lives would be boring, and non-productive, with nothing to look forward to.
·         Contribution
o   Selfishness brings no joy. We need to contribute in some way to feel fulfilled. Whether this is in your faith, family, friends, community, or career, we all need to give. It is better to give than to receive, it truly gives us a sense of satisfaction.

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