Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Good Intentions vs. Positive Habits

Have you ever suddenly felt so motivated to do something that ideas and plans kept popping into your head one after the other, so much so that you could hardly wait for the next day to come for you to start? And then, the next day arrives. You roll over in bed, see the list you so excitedly formed the night before and think, really? Did I actually write this? And then you turn over and go back to sleep... 

We all have good intentions. Everyday I intend to be productive, organize life, eat healthy, exercise, the whole 9 yards, but what it actually comes down to a lot of the time is good intentions. You might have guessed by now that I'm having one of those motivational nights. You're right, and I don't want tomorrow to become another, was I crazy? kind of day. 

I read a quote today that I keep repeating over and over in my head that I want to remember each and every day. 

"Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going." 

I love this. It's easy to start something, but to finish is a completely different story. Habits are often viewed as negative things, but we can form positive habits that set us up for life. They say it takes 21 days to make something a habit. I don't know how true that is, but what I do know is that 21 days is nothing in the big picture. Let's say this 21 day fact thing is true. 3 weeks. That means that after 3 weeks of putting great effort into something, the other 49 weeks of the year you can do that same task effortlessly. It's not so intimidating to think of it that way. It's completely doable. The satisfaction of getting to the point where if you don't do that certain thing means your day just isn't right, is such an amazing feeling to have. It's a wonderful achievement, and even if you're the only one who knows you did it, that's okay! 

What do you want to achieve? What's stopping you from starting? Here's to 21 days of perseverance!

Monday, 27 May 2013

My First Ever Blog Post!

This week I've started making changes in my life. One, is the extinction of my Facebook account. With that big step taken (yes, it was a big step) I've decided to continue making positive movements forward each day. Today I chose to start a blog. To compensate for loosing Facebook? Perhaps. But truthfully, I just want a little practice blogging for when I start my dream career as a Holistic Nutritionist. And maybe a little exposure to those who may want me as their personal natural nutritionist one day. :D

Lately I've been on a bit of a role in the kitchen. Trying new recipes for breakfast, lunch, and supper/dinner/tea (whatever you want to call it). It probably won't last, but it's been fun, and since I am still jobless after living in Nanaimo for 3 months, I've got to keep busy and be productive somehow. My favourite so far has got to be...actually I can't really decide because I've LOVED them all. I've  made Sweet Potato Cauliflower Soup, Thai Coconut Curry Soup, Raw Pad Thai, Spinach Lentil Beet Salad, and heaps, heaps more. If you want the recipes (which I know you do even if you don't) they're on my Pinterest page for you to check out. http://pinterest.com/tie125/tested-tried-satisfied/ That being said, I'm sitting here writing at quarter after six, and do not feel like cooking. Maybe it's because I used up all my fancy ingredients and only have boring ones left to come up with something worth eating. 

Something that has been causing me to crinkle my nose at lately is plastic water bottles. You know, Dasani, Aquafina, all them. Not the awesome Costco Contigo ones everyone sports these days. I love mine and am never seen without it. (Thanks to mama for replacing the one I dropped from my hostel bunk-bed in Australia) So why, you ask? Well I don't really need to explain if you just watch this video http://www.storyofstuff.org/movies-all/story-of-bottled-water/ Twice this month I had to drink bottled water because the campground I was staying at had no place to fill my side-kick Contigo. I felt horrible. Like a horrible, horrible person. I know it's a bit over-the-top, but I really felt guilty! All I could picture was the mountain of plastic residing in India, and I couldn't get those feelings to settle down. No, I'm not a tree-hugging hippie (although it's been mentioned that I am a bit of a hippie on the inside), but really, we live in North America, and have access to clean water everywhere. (Except Coeur d'Alene campgrounds.) Anyways, I'm sure we all have a reusable water bottle or two kicking around the house, so pretty please, use it!